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Monday, 16 May 2011 09:22



DER-Hub (Digital Electronic Retail Hub) is the "turnkey" technological solution for the distribution of multimedia content (music, movies, e-books, video, games) in Italy and abroad.

DER-Hub provides the customer with the right system with lesbian porn several functions:


- Geo-Ip

- Ingestion

- Encoding

- Content Storage

- Digital Delivery

- nude celebrities DRM Manager (Microsoft Playready)


Digital content porno gay delivery occurs through a player made with Microsoft Silverlight cartoon porn videos technology.

This player can:

- Download a digital content;

- Display milf porn downloaded content;

- View a streaming content;

Thanks to Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology our customer can immediately start watching the acquired content without waiting for the download to complete.

The player is an “out of browser” application. It can be installed on all systems supporting Microsoft Silverlight. It is currently able to work on:

- Microsoft Windows

- Apple Mac hot milfs OS X.

The player can be updated in real time. It means that its appearance or functionalities can be changed simply by updating online available release. In this way all players will automatically update with the next opening.

The player also contains a web browser, various sections of the player will then be able to navigate directly on customer's lesbian videos store.